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Benestar EAP clinicians in the recording studio

Why We Created the Video "MyCoach: Meet the Clinicians

Why we created the video: “MyCoach – Meet the Clinicians”

For some, reaching out and seeking support can require a bit of courage. The fear of the unknown and speaking to a clinician or someone they don’t know can further add to this. By introducing employees to our team and giving them the opportunity to get to know real-life people, what drives them and why they do what they do, we aim to remove some of the mystery and uncertainty around seeking professional support, so that more people get help when they need it

This video was followed by a second instalment, focussing on the specific details of the MyCoach service.

Together these videos are designed to:

  • Create a new and exciting way of promoting our service to employees.
  • Demystify and help remove fear about seeking support.
  • Help people see our clinicians are just normal people.
  • Highlight the broad range of issues we can help with, MyCoach is more than just mental health.
  • Increase the number of people who come to us for help so that more people can live and perform at their best.

The MyCoach showcase page is available at